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I watched an interesting film this morning called The Exorcism of Emily Rose. It’s based on the story of a German woman named Anneliese Michel, who died in 1976 as a result of either a mental illness or possession. The film is horrible, but it got me thinking about what people believe is true in the realm of the paranormal/mystical/religious.

I will admit that I believe in the possibility that someone can be possessed by a Demon. It’s no different than those Christians in the Bible Belt who speak in tongues and dance around with snakes and believe the Holy Spirit has entered them. I’ve never seen a demon, thankfully, but I feel like they have to exist. People have been writing stories about them and people have been reporting actual demonic possessions for over a thousand years, so something has be true about it. I’m not saying that every account was actual fact. I’m saying that somewhere in those stories lies the truth.

As far as ghosts are concerned, I’m a believer. In my life, I’ve seen 4 ghosts. Let me explain before you huff and say, “Shit, she’s a fruit.” I’ve never been one of those people that sits in a cemetery and waits for ghosts to appear. I don’t think ghosts hang out in cemeteries. I think that demons are more likely to hang out there. Anyhow, the 4 times I’ve seen ghosts happened by accident and they were resident ghosts that I could do nothing about. And they were not in my imagination because others have seen them as well. Even family members.

  • The first ghost I ever saw was my great-grandmother’s. My grandmother lived in her family home which was over 150 years old. Both of her grandparents and her parents died in the house. The place was creepy. I remember as a child being petrified of the upstairs bathroom and back bedroom. I wouldn’t go in those rooms alone. One day I was playing in the upstairs parlor, which used to be the master bedroom suite, when I saw the old woman walk from the bathroom to the back bedroom. I screamed and my grandmom came up the steps thinking something horrible happened to me. I told her that the old woman was there again and my grandmom just laughed and said, “You saw my mommy.” Apparently, the whole family knew that Esther lived in those rooms. My father later told me that my grandmother believed that her grandmother lived in the basement, as she saw a woman down there one time (and it wasn’t her mother) sitting on an old bench. My grandmother knew that it was a special bench that used to be in the backyard and her grandparents would sit on it every night together.
  • My second encounter was in my childhood home. It was an old home. We had lived there for many years and my father decided that we needed a cast-iron wood burning stove in the living room and set to installing one. He had to build a chimney and it was then that I saw the man. He would just stand there in the corner and watch us. He didn’t like my dad and wouldn’t come around when he was working. Once the stove was finished, the man would hang out around it most afternoons while we were doing our homework. He was strange looking, but didn’t do anything scary. I asked my mom if she saw the man and she said, “Yes, he likes to watch the morning TV with me.” I never saw the man anywhere else in the house. He would move from one side of the wall to the other.
  • The third encounter was when I was 19 years old living in a 200 year old dormitory. It was second semester and by luck I had my own room. Weird things would happen, like things would be swept off of my desk or the curtains would billow out like there was a breeze but there was none. I always felt like someone was watching me in the room. One night, I thought I was starting to become a bit nutty so I asked my best friend to spend the night in my room with me. Just to confirm that I wasn’t losing it. In the middle of the night she jumped up and yelled, “Debbie, someone was breathing on me.” We called the RA into the room and the whole night we watched my curtains moving, shadows on the wall, my closet door being banged from the inside, and the sound of someone breathing. The next semester they put me in another room and I never experienced anything again.
  • The fourth encounter happened 6 years ago. I was running around my then boyfriend’s neighborhood, past a very old house. It was October and I think it was in the early evening. So, I was running and in the backyard I saw a little girl swinging on a swing. I smiled and she disappeared right before my eyes. I said, “What the fuck?” and went over the fence. Yes, the swing was swinging but nobody was on it. I later found out that my boyfriend had seen the little girl several times and didn’t want to say anything.

I haven’t experienced anything since then. I don’t think I’m a medium or one of those super sensitive people or anything like that. I just think that I’ve lived in places that have a history. I definitely didn’t go looking for these encounters.

I believe in Angels because it makes me feel better to do so. I have no idea if they truly exist, but since no one has given me any evidence that they don’t I’ll continue believing in them. Miracles happen everyday and I like to believe that instead of these things happening by coincidence, that maybe we all have our own guardian angel that helps us out when we really need it. Of course the argument can be made that horrible things happen to people everyday and there was no angel to protect them. Well, I’d like to think that maybe their angel was busy or knew that sometimes things need to happen for history to be written as it should. Now, I know I just opened up a whole new discussion about predestiny and free will. Let’s save that for a later date.

To me Spirits aren’t really ghosts, but a collective energy of a place or object or person. I’ve walked into houses and experienced a terrible feeling of anger and hostility. There are some places that make me melt with ease and comfort. Call me a freak, but this is what I think.

Okay. Faeries. This is where you get out the phonebook and call the whitecoats to come for me. Listen people. I told you I believed in faeries before here and I still do. Have I seen one? No. Do I go looking for them? No. Do I know for a fact that they’re there? Nope. Just like Jews and Christians know God is there and Muslims know Allah is there and so on. What led to this belief and why is a whole other post, but I will say this: I believe in them like the ancient Greeks believed in their own gods. They invoked these beings when they needed a muse, or patience, or revenge, or justice etc…For example, when the fields were barren and the winter too long the Greeks invoked Demeter and Persephone for they knew Hades had to let Persephone go to return to her mother, Demeter, so that she (Demeter) would stop mourning and let the earth once again be fruitful. This is how I think of faeries. And that’s all I’m saying for now.

All of the ‘beings’ I just talked about have been in legends and stories and folklore for over thousands of years. Different traditions and cultures have their own stories, but in the end they are all the same.

I hope you keep reading after this. I can assure you that I have no cauldrons, pentagrams, or magic potions here. I won’t go all boogedy-boogedy if I met you. I’m just a little silly sometimes.

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