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My trip

Hey everyone. I was finally able to host my radio show tonight. It’s been two weeks. I’m sure you all forgot about it.

Anyhow, I was going to write a ridiculously long post about my trip to Tennessee but I decided to tell the story on my radio show. Listen here:

Shameless plug for my show….you bet! Enjoy.

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I keep forgetting to post pictures of the kids’ birthday party last Saturday. It was a good time. The kids looked adorable. Here are a few pictures of Morgan and her friends dressed up and singing. Cuteness attack coming, watch out:

I’ve been cleaning all weekend. I felt the need to go through everything and make it right. Down to makeup brushes. I also threw away a whole bag full of makeup. Time to start fresh! I love makeup and haven’t been wearing it much lately. It’s time to start.

The getting up at 4:30 AM to run is getting old. I hate it. It’s so humid and hot to do it after work, but it’s going to have to be that way. I’m just not interested in getting up so early any longer.

I buying this, I think. It looks really cool and at least it’s something I can do in my home when it’s raining or too hot/cold. I hate Pilate’s and this looks like it gives you the same kind of results. I love this kind of shit.

I just found out I have a court date for September 13 in my case against the diner whose parking lot I fell on 4 years ago and broke my arm in 2 places. I fell on about 2 inches of ice. They’ve been unresponsive to my lawyer’s letters, so a court date was necessary. It’s been such a long drawn out thing, I’m ready for it to be over. I still have problems with my arm, I can’t straighten it completely and it aches constantly. I don’t know what kind of compensation I might get, I’ve never sued anyone before, but whatever happens happens.

I’m traveling to Tennessee to visit my aunt in September. I’m really excited. It’s her 50’th birthday, so I’ll be there for the party. She’s my favorite aunt and I haven’t seen her since I visited her 2 years ago. It should be lots of fun.

I am also traveling to DC in October to see two of my favorite blog girls. I’m really excited about that too. It should be an awesome time.

I’m ready for the fall. I hate summer. I’m done with the humidity, with the heat, with the fucking sun. I’m ready for sweaters, crisp air, sleeping with the windows open and tons of blankets, and the crunch of fallen leaves. I’m really ready.

If Roslin steps in poo one more time, I’m going to scream. I’ve had to give my baby girl 3 baths this week because she’s had poo all over her. Luckily, she’s so small I can just put her under the faucet in the kitchen. She scratched the shit out of me this afternoon when I cleaned off her paws. Fun times, I know it. But she’s so cute, here look:

We can’t forget my Stella Marie.

I made chili yesterday. It turned out so good I wanted to cry. Sometimes I am so fucking impressed with my cooking skills. I know, it’s cocky but this chili tasted like heaven. The recipe is here.

Cheese and cilantro for topping the chili. I always serve it with corn tortillas instead of bread. I bake them in the oven until they’re kind of crispy.


Okay, my loves. That’s all for now.

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