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Her name is Karen. She has agreed to meet me and GT outside of my office building on Monday. She’s requested deodorant for now, but I will make sure she knows that we’re going to try to provide the basics for her so she doesn’t have to be shy about letting us know what she needs. Already, you lovely people have donated $75.

Please see the post below if you want to know what’s going on.

I love you all and thank you for your kind words and support with this.

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A work colleague, GT, came upon a homeless woman today with two dogs. His heart went out to her and he bought the dogs food and water, and then he gave the woman some money. She was overwhelmed at his kindness and started crying. He spoke with her a little bit and she told him that she’s been homeless since November and that she had just found one of the dogs with her (someone had abandoned him) so she couldn’t let him go hungry. She’s homeless and she’s taken on another dog.

I just walked around for a half hour looking for her. GT is now looking for her. I wanted to set up a day that she could come over to my building and let us know what she needed. GT said she looked absolutely heartbroken and scared. The dogs were well-fed and taken care of. She was not.

I can’t stand stuff like this. Shelters won’t take pets and sometimes the pets are the only things keeping a person like this together. I need to help her. I feel this need in my soul.

So, when we find her I will try my best to provide her with the simple things that humans in this day and age need. Food, water, clothing, feminine products, hygiene products so that she can have some dignity, and maybe I can find a place that will help her and take her (AND THE DOGS!!!) in.

But, for now. We’ll find her and we’ll talk to her. We’ll find out what her options are. Does she have family and if they are far away, does she need help getting to them? I will help her even if they live on the other side of the country. I don’t care. Nobody should be alone.

Anyhow, now I’ve got myself crying.

I’ve added a button over there on my sidebar for donations to help her, or someone else, out. I know we won’t be able to raise enough money to find her a home (can you imagine if we did–to give someone a chance at life would be amazing), but at least we can provide the basics for her. I wish I made enough money to get her situated and whatever help she needed, but I don’t. Anyhow, if you want to donate click the button. I will love you forever. I’ll do periodic reports on where the money is going and who it has helped, if we don’t find her. There are so many people that need a helping hand and if we can help, then we should.

Thanks for listening.

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I found the earring. It was lying on my sidewalk and after pulling my house apart, walking up and down the snow covered streets, calling the restaurant, going to the restaurant today and looking through their parking lot, and then coming home more mopey than before….I get out of my car and it was twinkling hello.

It’s not just the earring. I had such a wonderful birthday celebration last year. I was made to feel like the most special person in the world. This year, I just felt a bit abandoned. And losing the earring just made me feel sick with sadness.

I really want to thank you all for being so damn sweet to me in the comments in that last sad post and in your emails. It made me feel better. I’m lucky to have people like you all to comfort me, even if it’s through these channels. You all are wonderful people.


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Yesterday was a very good day. I found my favorite ring. It went missing in March and I had given up on it. I don’t wear much jewelry (actually I don’t have much jewelry as my ex-boyfriend , Michael, sold almost everything I had–apparently supporting him financially wasn’t enough–I’ve mentioned him a few times), but I always wear the ring. It’s very special. And it’s quite pretty, garnets and diamonds set in gold. It was given to me by someone who just looked at me and said, “Here, this belongs to you.” I told her it didn’t, but she insisted and I’ve worn the ring ever since. Weird, I know but I believe that things like that happen for a reason. I don’t know the reason yet, but I know I feel better when I wear the ring. Maybe it’s a fae ring.

Other than that, I have no news. No nothing. I’m bored. Seriously bored.

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