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Last Sunday, we had huge storms come through.  I recorded my latest podcast during the storms.  Apparently, my downstairs neighbors let their cat, Tigger, out in between storms because when I got home from work on Monday they were frantically yelling for him.  I have some very strong opinions about people who let their pets run around the neighborhood—they shouldn’t.  Tigger doesn’t wear a collar.  He’s an alley cat, so he’s always howling to get outside.  I’m used to seeing him around the yard, having given up on trying to talk my neighbor into keeping him inside.

On Wednesday, I asked about the cat and they still hadn’t found him.  The neighbors had gone door to door, visited the local animal shelter, and even went to the police station with no success.  They were scared he was stuck somewhere, locked in someone’s garage or basement.  On Friday night, I was coming home from a ridiculous evening at my father’s when Jim, my guy neighbor, stopped me to tell me that they found Tigger.  He was dead under their back patio.  It looks like he died from natural causes, he was just curled up with no trauma or anything.  Jim had to rip up the planks of wood on the patio to get him out.  I visited the little guy’s grave today and said bye.

Seriously, I’m sick of death.  Not one more this year, at least, or I’m going to freak the fuck out.

Other than the evening at my dad’s and his house full of people who don’t fucking work and are half retarded, ohhhh I’ll have to write a whole other post to explain that shit, I’ve had a beautifully silent weekend.  I did things at my leisure, laundry and grocery shopping, with no one bothering me and calling me at all hours.  I watched movies, surprising myself by enjoying Enchanted and Penelope way more than I thought I would.  I also read all weekend.  It was awesome.

The kittens are driving me crazy.  Hayden wants to party all the time and Nina isn’t happy unless she’s laying on me.  And I’m not allowed to walk around without Nina under my feet.  I’m afraid I’m going to hurt her because I’m tripping over her so much.  Hayden keeps biting my feet and Nina keeps chewing my laptop while I’m typing this.  They’re driving me crazy.  They are sooooo lucky I love them. Roslin and Stella are still awesome and well-behaved.

And finally, fuck you Warner Bros.  Seriously.  What. The. Fuck. Are. You. Thinking.  How dare you move Harry Potter back 8 months.  You greedy fuckers.  Really.  You blame it on the writer’s strike, but the movie finished shooting months ago.  This is seriously rude.  The movie better be the best one yet or I will put a curse on your whole studio.  You assholes.

Yes, that last paragraph demonstrates how little of a life I have and yet I don’t care.  I’m pissed.  I had a whole Harry Potter weekend planned with my nephew and I had to call him and tell him that we have to wait not 3 months, but almost a year.

Oh, and I chopped my hair off.  Think Ashley Judd’s hair in Someone Like You.

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I was just cooling down from a 3 mile run. I was walking around the lake near my house and I saw a little turtle crossing the street. The little guy was just sitting in the middle of the street, so I walked over to pick him up and put him by the lake when I saw a SUV coming.

I know you see where this is going.

I decided, stupidly, to let the car go by thinking that the driver would go around the turtle. Nope. The bitch ran right over it. I hope her vagina rots until the smell makes even her children not want to be around her. I know she saw the turtle and she certainly saw me. And there are signs everywhere warning of wildlife crossing.


So, now I have some serious guilt. I should have made the woman stop and wait for me to put the little turtle by the lake instead of giving her any fucking credit for having a soul. But, I know I can’t save the world and in these moments I remember The Lion King and the circle of life. The little turtle will feed the birds and other animals.

But, this is a lesson to all. One moment of hesitation can change something. I could have saved a turtle today. And I didn’t.

Oh, and to the lady in the red SUV. Bitch, if I ever see you again I will spit on you. Or throw goose shit at you.

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My new kitten

Here is my new kitty. She’s 4 weeks old and is still being bottle fed. She will be coming home in about 2 weeks. I’m not sure what I’m naming her yet. So, I’m asking you all to help me come up with a name for the babygirl. The name has to be pretty and not corny.

Here she is getting her bottle.

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Last night was weird. I went out with a friend. She’s leaving to go home today, so we needed to have one last night of irresponsible drinking. We went to a local place. I got drunk and passed out about 5 minutes after getting home.

Today I woke up with a heavy heart and a throbbing head. Drank about 10 gallons of water and decided to do some shopping therapy. Because I don’t have enough clothes. I should really be ashamed of myself. I bought some clothes and wine. Came home and tried to take a nap. I can’t relax. So, I just finished cleaning my clothing closet. I usually do this right before autumn, but I figured it was something to do. If I hadn’t worn the item of clothing in one year, I chuck it. Five trash bags later…yes I said FIVE trash bags…my closet is perfection. Sorted by color. Everything folded or hung up. Febreezed. Even my shoes are in order. Now, I have to take the trash bags to a local charity that gives the poor the clothing. Trust me, someone is going to get some great things. I hope they enjoy them.

I’m so wasteful and spoiled. It’s fucked up.

I went to Petsmart today to get some food for Ms. Stella and they were holding their weekly adoption fair. Why must I go on days when they do this? It breaks my heart to walk by the cages and not take all of those babies home. Anyhow, I go over to see the kitties (my apartment isn’t big enough for a dog or I’d have one) and before I knew what I was doing, I had an adoption application filled out and was being shuffled into the room with the cages. Now, I know it would be very good for Stella to have a companion. She was pissed when I went back to work this week. I tell the woman I have a 9 month old kitty and I need a cat that is kind of mellow and won’t attack Stella. They let me hold a couple of the cats, but I don’t feel a bond with any of them. I look down at one of the cages in the bottom row and a pair of eyes take my breath away. There was a gorgeous black kitty staring at me, meowing. He looked exactly like my beloved cat Dutch, who passed in December. I said I needed to hold that cat and they informed me that if I were to adopt him that I’d have to take his brother too. They open the cage and this cat jumps on my lap and starts licking my face. I can feel him pressing himself closer and closer into me. Then his brother jumps up and starts doing the same thing and I know that these are coming home with me. I tell the woman that I’d love to adopt both, but I can’t afford the adoption fee for both. She said that they wave the second fee if I take both. I say that I don’t know if I can afford triple the expenses of a pet. I don’t buy the cheap food. All of my cats have always gotten the best, Hill’s Science Diet. She says that they will give me enough coupons to get me through a couple of months. I stop arguing and look down at the two babies (Spencer and Sidney) on my lap and you all know what happened next. I said that I wanted them. They told me they need to verify my references and speak with my vet and if everything was okay I could probably pick them up next weekend. Three cats. That’s a lot. I promise that I won’t turn into a crazy cat lady. Trust me on this. Right now I feel like giving up, but I won’t.

What is really going to make me drink myself into oblivion tonight is that my sister is pregnant. My younger sister. She called me tonight, crying with joy. I’m very happy for her. It’s wonderful. It just makes me more aware of how my body has started giving me shit because I haven’t let it do, biologically, what if feels it should be doing (for the slow people out there–the ticking biological clock) and how I’m not getting any younger. Another thing that makes me want to give up, but I won’t.

I have the wine ready. I can’t decide on whether I feel like working out tonight or not. It’s fucking disgusting outside. I probably won’t. Instead, I will take a hot bubble bath and drink a bottle of wine and watch bad TV and wallow in self-pity. Ha. How pathetic is that?

Update: I’m sufficiently tipsy. More than that. I think I drank the whole bottle. I just ran into the door and hurt my shoulder. I’m wearing ruffled panties, a black tank top, and my favorite high heels because I need to feel pretty. Why did I just write that? You don’t care what I’m wearing. This isn’t phone sex. Fuck. What am I talking about? I’m about ready to get my groove on because there’s fuckall on the TV. Led Zepplin’s ‘Whole Lotta Love’ is on. Anyhow, I just finished watching a weird movie and it had an old folk song in it that I forgot about. I put the lyrics here because people need to hear it.

The River is Wide

The river is wide I cannot see.
Nor do I have light wings to fly.
Build me a boat that can carry two
and both shall row, my love and I.
My love is like the lofty tree.

It shudders fierce and then sways free.
If it should fade when the summer’s through,
she’ll bloom again when the spring shines through.
When love is young, then love is fine.
Just like a gem when first it’s new.
But love grows old and waxes cold
and fades away like the morning dew.

I spell checked this bitch 10 times.

Anothr Update: I just made my famous brownies because the wine has made me crave cigarettes and I quit, so I will have dark chocolate brownies instead. Really, why am I single? I’m baking brownies at 11 PM in my panties and a tank top with heels on. I did put my apron on cause I don’t want to get messy. And I’m drunk so I’m way easier than I normally am. I’ll let you lick the spoon. Oh god, I need to stay off the computer. What am I talking about? My house smells like chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Spell checkd ths bitch too.

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