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Well, I know you’re all heartbroken…erm the 2 people that listen to the show anyway. I had to cancel the show because I totally forgot that my niece, the little Miss Morgan la fey, is in a play tonight and that is more important than me talking rubbish for an hour. She is an orphan in the muscial Annie and I can’t freaking wait to see her in it. She’s a star.

I’m really tired this week. I have so much stuff going on and lots to tell you all, but time is not on my side. I promise to post a good post tomorrow night. Things you can look forward to reading about are:

  • peeing ones pants
  • my boobies
  • Quizzo and how I get irritated at company happy hours
  • boogers
  • orange poo
  • neighbors
  • porn and computer viruses
  • how I’ve perfected my ‘Woody Woodpecker’ laugh
  • and much more

Oh, my life is so much fun.

If you really need to hear my voice, and you know you do you sexy bitch, then go listen to my archives. They’re super cool.

Kisses, my bitches.

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Did you hear the news? Huh? Read this article and come back. I’ll wait. You know I’m patient like that.

Can someone tell me what the hell is wrong with this guy? Can’t we fire him? Fucking thieves, murderers, and cheats is what our current administration is. I am livid. Why can’t we impeach him? Hasn’t he lied enough? A war based on misinformation and lies. Billions of dollars down the toilet. Our brave soldiers dying. Innocent Iraqi’s dying. For what? And now, blatantly abusing his executive powers for the good of his fucked up deluded agenda. He’s been busy the past week doing this. Also read this.

I’m just more and more embarrassed to call myself an American. We need to start making this administration accountable for what they’re doing. I emailed all of my politicians, including the White House (I know it won’t be read, but I just feel better doing it), and told them they should be ashamed of themselves for letting him get away with this for so long. He needs to stay out of the law enforcement and judicial matters, and get with the business of the nation. You are not king, George. Sorry, but you’re not.

Come on people, it’s time to do something about this shit.


Let’s number some random thoughts in my head today:
  1. Stella and Roslin met last night face to face and it wasn’t that bad. Stella hissed and growled, and Roslin looked at her like “Hey big cat, how are you? I’m cute.”. That kitten was hopping everywhere. It was so adorable. Stella has finally stopped hissing when she walks by the bathroom door, which is progress. She’s also been very needy, but I love my girl so I don’t mind holding her and petting her a little more. I can’t wait until the kitties are fully integrated. I can’t wait to have my bathroom back to being just a bathroom.
  2. I love Hell’s Kitchen. Cracks me up. Gordon Ramsay is pretty freakin hysterical.
  3. After today, I’m off for the next 5 days. It’s gorgeous. I have no idea what I’m going to do, but there are lots of parties and things that I might have to pop in on.
  4. I was thinking hard about this, and I miss the Pilot. I really do. Isn’t that weird? Emotionally, the relationship was lacking but as far was the intellectual stimulation and sexual chemistry went…it was perfect. Eh. I usually don’t dwell on these things, but the other day I realized that I miss those things and wish I could find someone emotionally evolved and highly intelligent with a serious sex drive. The men I meet lately are either push-overs, dumb, or just plain boring. It sucks.
  5. My aunt, the one who doesn’t work because she thinks that she needs to be supported by her ex-boyfriend (yeah, I spoke of her on my radio show), has put in applications at various businesses in the area. I’m proud of her. Working is good for the soul and nothing is better for self-esteem and confidence than earning your own living. It makes you a better person, inside and out. She deserves to live a better life and no-one is going to hand her anything. And her finding work will make an impression on her daughter, who is 17 and should have a job too. I wish her the best of luck finding a job.
  6. My grandmother, my nan, has been trying to reach out to me for a relationship. I stopped talking to her years ago after some really fucked up shit happened in our family. Things I’m sure I’ll write about here at some point (we’ve only just begun to tell my story), but for now just I’ll say that my nan felt that I should have stepped in on this situation and fix it. She wanted me to be the family’s therapist. Well, I told her no and this created a whole shitstorm. I’d have to really go deep into my past to talk about my nan, but just know that I was also very angry with her for not being there for my mother when she battled breast cancer. She only visited her once. Never called. Imagine your mother visiting your cousin who had carpal tunnel surgery, but not visiting you–her daughter who just lost a breast and was now on chemo. Anyhow, it’s a long story but I feel that I need to allow for this relationship with my nan. She’s getting old and has never been in good health. It’s been about a decade since I’ve allowed her in my life, but I think it’s time.
  7. Life is weird.
  8. I was at an outdoor concert on Friday night and saw a very strange looking woman coming up the aisle. I turned to my sister to point the woman out to her and when I turned back to the woman, I saw that she had fallen and scraped her chin. I felt really bad because this either means that it’s the Gods way of telling me to behave or my powers are getting stronger. (Cue creepy Vincent Price laughter…)
  9. Did anyone watch the concert for Princess Diana? Yeah, me neither.
  10. I’m officially looking to buy a new car. Not brand new, I just don’t care that much about cars, but something newer than what I’ve got. It’s time.
  11. It’s summer reading time and I’ll be starting on reading one of my favorite novels tonight…Anna Karenina. Love the Russians, they know something about life. Next, I’m going to reread Dante’s The Divine Comedy (this is one of the best titles of something ever, given the subject matter) because it’s summer and hot and I think it’s a brilliant piece of work and an historic piece of propoganda. Did you know that before this epic, hell wasn’t really defined as something specific? Dante’s perception of hell in this allegory is the foundation in which our modern views of hell are. Interesting, hmm?
  12. I hear James calling me and shall be reading Ulysses again this summer. It’s one of the most challenging books I’ve ever read and everytime I let it pull me in I learn something new, something important about life themes and human nature, something important about the English language, something important about how to write. You should read it. But first, read the Odyssey and be familiar with the stories of Greek and Roman mythology.
  13. I love Greek and Roman mythology.
  14. This article was interesting, go here.
  15. I don’t have a 15. I just wanted a nice number to end on.

So, have a great 4th of July. In honor of, let’s read the Bill of Rights cause we might not have them much longer.


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I hate panties. I really do. I used to be a very fancy panty girl, but now I just want something my pussycat can breathe in and that will stay out of the crack of my ass. I don’t think I’m asking for much.

I don’t wear g-strings/thongs/whatever. I just don’t. I know I’ve said that I consider my nether regions a temple, so why would I want a piece of fabric strapping my cunt and ass down? Unless the panties are coming off of me within the hour, I never wear g-strings. Ever. I don’t care about panty lines. I care about what my crotch says and she is definitely against them.

As I get older, I’m leaning more and more toward wearing cotton briefs or boy shorts. I have a long torso, so anything low-rise is fucking annoying cause it comes to the half-way point of my ass and stops. I don’t want to strangle the very life out of my crotch and chafe my ass, so I try not to buy anything low-rise. I also hate bikini panties because they have a tendency to creep up my ass and if I wanted something up my ass I’d wear a g-string or I’d grab some lube, pucker up, and call some boytoy to oblige me.

The thing with wearing cotton briefs is that they look like you could make a tent out of them. They’re huge. They are not sexy. But, dear god they are comfortable. They don’t ever creep up my ass or feel binding. They wash up really easily, no handwashing and air drying. I found these boy shorts made by Fruit of the Loom that are so fucking perfect I could cry. They feel like you’re not wearing underwear at all.

If we lived in a cleaner world, I wouldn’t wear any panties at all. I never wear them when I’m home, but I feel I must protect my honey nest from the dirty disgusting polluted outside world. It’s difficult to find gear that is also loving and gentle to the woman’s mound.

Yeah, I’ve been reading too many romance novels lately. Woman’s mound is a common word in these books. I’ve included others in the paragraphs above because it tickled me to do so. So, after reading a nice piece of rubbish last night. I decided to lay out some common denominators that I’ve seen in reading these books. Here goes:

  1. The man is always a Duke, Earl, Laird, Prince, Playboy, or some other high-powered job or title where he is extremely wealthy.
  2. The man is always a bit of a playa.
  3. The woman is almost always a virgin. If she’s not a virgin, then she was either raped or previously married. Her previous sexual experiences are never anywhere near as amazing as when she’s getting ravished by the man.
  4. The woman is usually in danger of being kidnapped, married off to an old pervert, or running off trying to prove that women can make it in the world.
  5. There is always a bodice ripped and the woman is always ‘taken’.
  6. There is rarely oral sex and when there is a rare instance of it, it’s almost always the woman receiving the pleasure. I haven’t read a book where the woman sucks a cock in a very long time.
  7. They rarely call a penis a penis. It’s always manhood, pleasure rod, love stone, hot silken shaft, arousal, hardness, etc.
  8. They rarely call a vulva a vulva. It’s always pleasure pearl, nubbin of pleasure, silken cleft, woman’s mound, or (my favorite) molten core, etc.
  9. The man always has to avenge his woman’s honor. Someone is usually killed or taken to jail.
  10. The woman almost always has her molten core shattered with tiny earthquakes of pleasure, or explodes with her fulfillment, at the same time her man spills his seed, or finds his release. Like that ever happens in real life.

There you are. Romance novels in a nutshell.

I have a new food obsession. I can’t get enough of it. It’s a weird one. Ready? Beets. Yup. You read that right. I’ve been craving beets like a weirdo for a week now. I’ve eaten them every day this week. They are delicious.

I have no plans for this weekend. I may be going out tonight, but it depends on my mood. I may spend a quiet weekend at home reading romance novels in my big cotton briefs eating beets out of a can. So sexy. I know.

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Today I was assaulted. By my uterus. It was a sneak attack. That bitch brought on my period 2 weeks early.

I went to tinkle at approximately 9:30 AM and pulled my favorite white panties down to see them completely ruined. These are my dirty schoolgirl panties. They have ruffles. They are awesome.

And now, they are in the trash.

I also had diarrhea this afternoon. I’m sure you all want to know all about it. I can honestly say that I’m baffled by how I could shit that much when I’ve hardly eaten in the past 3 days. I’m on a very strict diet this week. Oatmeal for breakfast. Banana for snack. Salad with no dressing for lunch. Grapes for snack. One bowl of raisin bran for dinner. What the fuck? I was on the toilet for 20 minutes and I was pooing the whole time, courtesy flushing a gazillion times. I hate when this happens at work.

And why does the handicapped stall make me feel safer when pooing at work?

Can someone explain the whole Emo thing to me? I don’t get it.

You know what I hate? When people celebrate an accomplishment by putting other people down. I read a post this week that did just that and it completely turned me off to that person. There’s no need to be that hateful.

Speaking of hateful, you know what I find disgusting? Women who turn their back on other women. I hate when a woman states that she gets along with men better than women. When I hear that it’s like a big warning goes off in my head that says, “Don’t trust this one”. Women who say this are the kind of women who stab other women in the back.

I have always surrounded myself with other women. I love men, don’t get me wrong, but surrounding myself with women friends makes me feel secure. I know that they are there for me and know, really know, the things I’m going through. Women have a kind of compassion that men don’t have. I don’t mean that men aren’t compassionate, I’m just saying that it’s in a woman’s nature to be more nurturing and empathetic than men. That’s why I surround myself with women. I would be happy in the red tent with my soul sisters talking and sharing stories and legacies.

And if you are a woman who thinks that female traits or being feminine or surrounding yourself with women equals weakness, then I want no part of you.

I have a weird dilemma. I think chivalry is dead, but do I have any right wanting men to be hold doors for me when I want men to treat me like an equal? I mean, I hold doors for everyone (cause my mama taught me good) and try to be courteous all of the time. But, for instance, when I get up from my train seat and there’s a man sitting in the seat across the aisle I always think it’s rude if he doesn’t let me exit first. Is this wrong? Is this the price of equality? Am I just wanting to have my cake and to eat it too? (whatever that means, who would want a cake and not want to eat it)

That’s all I have right now. My period has made me ridiculously horny, so I’m going to take a cold shower cause I’m so fucking bored with masturbation that I just want the horniness to go away rather than have an orgasm. I’m so sad I just wrote that. I just need a man. A fuck friend who is also nice to me and gives me massages and brings me presents and runs me a bath and who is also my boyfriend.

Okay, I’m really finished with this post now. I have to be or I’m going to keep saying embarrassing things.


(Edit): I don’t think I clearly communicated what I was talking about with this whole women friendship stuff. I’ve been so tired this week, please forgive me. I’m talking about women who only hang out with men, not us normal people that have both men and women as friends. You know that woman, the one who has almost no real women friends. The real kind of friends, not the kind you hang out with occasionally. (Emotionally supporting, will come over and clean your house when you’re sick, first person you call when anything important happens to you kind of friend.) I know you know at least one of these woman-hating women. The one who puts down her own sex in a heartbeat. I’m talking about that woman. And for the record, if you have women friends that are stabbing you in the back you should get rid of them. Not all women are like this. Men stab each other in the back too and I hate that people mainly associate that kind of behavior with women.

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mg just put a horrible thought in my head…

What if John is totally vanilla? What if he gets freaked out by my sexuality? This may seem like weird things to fear, but these things have happened more times than I’d like to admit. Sexual compatability is important to me.

Please let him be a freak too.

Thank you.

Strange, the things I hope for.

Oh yeah and Coquettishly is updated, finally.

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I’m gonna write the book. I think I’m ready to get this out of my head. I think some people would learn a few things from hearing my tale. I think I would learn a lot about myself writing it. I’m going to write the story in book form and post it on a private blog that may eventually be shared with a select few. We’ll see. I’m not sure about it right now.

I’m sick at the moment. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow because I keep getting sick. I think it’s from worrying about my sister for months and working my ass off at work and worrying about things and not sleeping well and so on and so on. I feel like shit.

I have a date on Saturday with that guy John. He’s called a few times this week. I’m not sure what we’re doing, but I’m sure we’ll have fun. I’ve got a new attitude. Sort of.

Things bugging the shit out of me:

  1. Anna Nicole Smith shit. It’s not news. Please stop interrupting real news with updates on the DNA test. I don’t fucking care. This kid is going to be so fucked up, she’ll be pregnant and snorting heroine though her vagina at 12. Okay. Enough. I’m at my limit. She’s doomed.
  2. George Bush. I’ve over him. I first laughed at him, then hated him, then raged against him, and now I just want it to be over. Seriously.
  3. Avril Lavinge. I don’t get it. Did I miss a memo somewhere? She’s an idiot.
  4. The wig Britney Spears is wearing and the woman herself. Sweetie, we know you shaved your head. The wig doesn’t look good. Stop wearing it with strange hats. Just stop. Go back to school and buy yourself a brain. Don’t make anymore music or movies. Just take your money and run and leave us alone.
  5. People dying of cancer. Really. Why don’t we have a cure for this shit yet? Oh, that’s right. The one thing that could possibly make a huge dent in cancer, and other illnesses, is considered immoral. Stem cell research. I forgot. Silly me. By the way, one of the journal’s I work on is about stem cell research and let me say that the US is falling more and more behind in science because of the laws in this country. The progress that’s been made in other countries using stem cells to help treat illnesses like heart disease, cancer, alzheimer’s, MS, etc….is unbelievable. Another reason to really think about who we elect into office and to get educated as a people so that we can understand the importance of these issues.
  6. People who don’t know who to merge into traffic after coming off of the highway. Hey, it’s your job to yield and find a way to fit your fucking giant truck into traffic. I’m not doing you any favors. Fuck you. Slow down or speed up, but don’t think I am. I’m not that nice.
  7. My vibrator. You’re not doing your job. My orgasms are mediocre at best. I have changed the batteries, I have changed things up, and yet I am still unable to have a high quality orgasm like I’m used to. I’ve even introduced my dildo into this self-play and still….eh. Very frustrating.
  8. Money. I wish I had more of it. I’ve been broke lately. I’m so sick of it.
  9. Mother Nature. Irking me. Make up your mind. This is bullshit.
  10. The war in Iraq. I know I keep my politics out of this blog, but this war is so disgusting I can’t let it alone. Everyday, I see what they call news and I know the agenda: they want us to care about Anna Nicole and what new everyday thing could be killing us…..they want us to forget about our men and women dying for no reason. This war isn’t about freedom or terrorism or 9/11. It’s about control and lies and money. Blood money. Money for greedy white men who don’t give a shit about you or me or the thousands of people who have died and are going to die. I can’t take it anymore. I’m tired of hearing about the death. I want our people home. I want those people over there to find their own way. Let’s just cut our ties and admit defeat.

So, I’m still obsessed with Harry Potter. After re-reading all six books (AGAIN!), I bought the book Mugglenet.com put out about some of the things that could happen in book 7. I can’t fucking wait. It’s been preordered since the pub date was announced. I’m listening to podcasts and I’ve got my sister reading the books. I’m becoming a Harry Potter pusher.

Hmmm, what else is going on? Nothing. I’m ready to turn in. I’m starting to feel worse.

Talk to you all soon.

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Coquettishly is updated. Yeah, I know it’s about time.

I fell this morning. We had another ice storm, a pathetic one at that, and I hit a patch of it and fell down my steps. My steps are wood, so they hold in the moisture and I wasn’t being careful. Luckily, I went down the steps on my back so there were no broken bones. My back is killing me though. And I feel like my ass is one big bruise. I’m having trouble sitting for long periods. It’s awesome.

I saw my little nephew, Colin, this weekend and have a few more pictures. He is precious. My sister is doing very well although she is still quite weak. She lost about 3 pints of blood and is still very pale. They have her iron supplements and told her to eat lots of greens. We gave the baby a bath and then I got to feed him. He even burped for me. After I fed him, he fell asleep in my arms. I held him for over an hour. He was just so nice to hold. Here are some more pictures.

Colin during his bath.

Colin sleeping like an angel.

Colin looking at me before I fed him.

The peanut sleeping in my arms.

I no longer have gas. It was worrying me though. I have a miraculous digestive system and rarely get gas. I could eat a whole vat of chili and it would have no effect on me. I’ve always eaten lots of veggies and it never effects me. I’m not sure why I got the farts, but I’m so glad it’s over. I was grossing myself out.

I watched a little of the Oscars last night and I was so bored I almost cried. Is there any way for us to inflate the egos of these people more? Their speeches were so boring. Their jokes were so boring. The whole thing was a yawn fest. I’d much rather they match the amount of money their dresses, shoes, tuxes, and jewelry are worth and donate to a charity that deserves it. Or they could pick a bunch of families struggling to make ends meet, but are trying, and help them out with the money. I’m starting to find these award shows to be a disgusting display of wealth, selfishness, and arrogance. And so fucking boring.

My mom’s friend gave me two huge shopping bags of smutty romance novels. Love it. Sometimes you need to read rubbish and these novels always make me laugh. And, I must admit, that some of the sex scenes are quite steamy. Yeah, that was embarrassing to admit. Whatever. I like the ones about Highland lairds. Don’t know why. I’m kind of retarded.

I have to lay back down now. My tailbone is starting to throb. Oh, how I love being injured.


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…cause I’m so friggin boring.

Let’s see…..Friday night I cooked this dinner. Finished this book (I highly recommend it). I then went to bed at 9.

Saturday was full of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as I’m rewatching all seven seasons because I’m a first class dork. Yes, I still love that show and no, haven’t found a sufficient replacement. Heroes is sort of like my replacement for the X-Files (another show I absolutely loved). I’m in the middle of Season 2 of Buffy at the moment.

I’ve been writing a lot lately. Essays and I’ve also been working on my book (which I’m sure no one will ever read). It’s nice to be so focused at the moment. I’m sure I’ll get sidetracked soon and stop writing. I may post some of the essays to bore you all.

My friend (one that doesn’t live around here anymore) tried to set me up with her brother’s friend. She gave him my phone number (with my permission) and he called me yesterday afternoon. He seemed a bit boring, but nice. We were on the phone for about 10 minutes when I heard a noise. I stopped talking and he apologized. I asked, “Did you just fart?” and he replied, “Yeah, I mean it’s not like there are any ducks around here to blame it on.” And then he started laughing. I hung up. First phone call, 10 minutes in, farting already. I had to have a shot of vodka right at that moment. For the guys that think this is awesome…this was like going on a first date with a great girl and having her take a shit in front of you. Ruins everything.

I went to dinner last night with my dad and his girlfriend. We had over an hour wait and after 3 drinks with no food, I was hammered. I suggested several times that we should get an appetizer at the bar or something, but my dad insisted that we all wait until we get seated. I pigged out. The waiter was horrible. He came over to the table while we were eating our entres to tell us that our meals would be out in a few minutes. I looked up at him like he was retarded and he said, “Oh I didn’t realize you had your food.” We looked at him like he was nuts. The food was great and I woke this morning still full. I had a great time.

My sister has decided to stay in the hospital until she has the baby. Her husband stepped up and insisted that she stay. I’m pleasantly surprised. My mom and stepdad went to Lancaster to see her yesterday and they say that she’s very bored, but well. My mom did report that my brother-in-law, Ryan, was wearing his favorite T-shirt, which says “I love strippers”, at the hospital. Classy huh?

I’m joining the gym this week. This will start the first time in over 3 years I will be weight lifting. I used to be ripped. I’ve always been an athlete and I can’t wait to start back. I know I’ll be sore for some time, but it will be worth it. I used to be addicted to the gym. I used to go 6 days a week lifting weights AND running. I’d also do yoga twice a week. We’ll see how often I go this time. I’m going to start 4 times a week with weights and cardio. I’m going to switch up the cardio between the different machines for a while until the weather changes a bit and then it’s straight up running for cardio. I’m still planning on running the Race for the Cure in May.

I’m going to be meeting Hotdrwife and Fyrchk at the end of February in DC for dinner and I’m really excited. We’re going to have a blast. I’m taking the train in the morning and I may wander around DC for a little bit before meeting up with those two hot mamas, as I love the museums there and rarely get a chance to see them.

And now I shall stroke some people because I forgot to on Friday.

The Postman: Conan doesn’t update much, but he’s worth a visit. He’s in Ireland and he’s busy moving house. He’s got a great sense of humor and he’s fun.

The World According to the Emetic Sage: Get your dictionary, cause you may need it. I’m not sure how to describe this blog. Humor, short story, and editorials on life are what make this blog different. This isn’t a diary blog. But I enjoy the posts and think that Sage is a great writer. Even if he punks out for a few weeks and doesn’t post because he ‘quit’ blogging. Go over there and leave some comments so that he keeps writing. It’s nice to have this unique voice in the blog world. And he’s a hell of a nice guy.

the zoo that is my mind: This blog is unique in that most of the posts are mysterious and intriguing. You understand where she’s coming from without having her write the story of her life. I like that. Go over and check it out.

These Crazy Times: I love JR. She’s great. She’s got some really funny stories about growing up in a small town, as well as some harrowing tales of dating. She’s a great read. I’m hoping that she finds love and success soon. She deserves it.

This Is Not A Love Song: I like ths blog. I like her stories. I like her perspective. She’s funny and intelligent. I’m new to her blog, so I’m discovering her like you all are. Enjoy it.

And that ends this weeks stroking. There will be more on Friday.


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I made cookies all day. All fucking day. I went over to my mom’s and helped her make a gazillion cookies for the holidays. My hair smells like chocolate chip cookies, which isn’t a bad thing at all.

Yesterday, I could hardly move. My hangover was brutal, even though I drank about ten gallons of water. I just can’t hang anymore.

I need help. Can someone please tell me how to back up my archives on this here blog? I know I’m gonna fuck it up without some guidance and I have no idea what the instructions on Blogger are talking about. I’m coming up to 300 posts and I don’t want to lose anything. So, if there is anyone out there who loves me enough to help I’d really appreciate.

Why do I watch Extreme Home Makeover? I cry the whole entire show. They are just so nice. Tonight’s show hit a little close to home. They’re redoing a woman police officer’s house. She was shot on duty and is now paralyzed. My dad was a beat cop in one of the most dangerous cities in the country, Camden, NJ. He’s been in countless shootouts. He still has the newspaper clippings. I just remember that when he was a beat cop worrying about him because I was afraid that something awful would happen to him.

I’m not going to support this new Rocky movie. Being from a suburb of Philly, it is in my genetic makeup that I love the Rocky movies and I do. Rocky I and II, that is. The fourth one is okay, but just corny. Anyhow, Sylvester Stallone is old and has no business making another Rocky movie. Rocky needs to rest and retire with some dignity. Let us remember the good moments, like the infamous run from the Italian Market all the way to the Art Museum and up those famous steps, raising his arms in victory. No one is immune to that and we all have ran up those steps, Rocky style, and raised our arms the same way. I fear this movie is going to ruin this.

I just saw the most amazing commercial about the world tapping into the most important natural resource it has…..women! I totally agree. Go to www.care.org and find out how you can help. I think this is wonderful. We need to start protecting and empowering our sisters.

Um, someone got to my blog by searching for the following: pictures of horse vulva winking. I’m not sure why someone would be searching that and I’m okay with not knowing. Fucking weirdos.

Okay, that’s enough from me today. I’ve updated all of the blogs and I’m ready to chill out. Here’s a cute picture of Stella Marie. For some reason, she loves these pink heels.


Oh, and go over and say Happy Birthday to Dark Damian. He’s the shit.

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