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…just not on this blog.  I’ve been writing my book.  Seriously…I’ve been writing a couple hours a night and I’m almost finished the first chapter.  Between writing and research for the book, and work and real life, I haven’t had time to update this little thingy.

But don’t worry.

I have several things I have to talk about which I will get to this week.  I promise.  Here they are, just to tease you and make you check in:

  1. I had an interesting conversation with an acquaintance that infuriated me.  It’s about love, sex, and marriage.
  2. My heart is a whore and I’m trying very hard to learn how to be different.  I will explain.
  3. The sale of the deceased old lady next door’s things.  The yardsale is this coming weekend.  I’m emotional about it.

I will also try to catch up on all of your blogs.  I haven’t been reading anything.  I’m such a bad blogger.

Talk to you all soon.

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Okay, so that trainwreck “Rock of Love” is back on. You know, the show that documents Bret Michaels hunt for love. The women are even bigger whores than the last season. It’s almost too sad to watch. Almost.

One woman was telling him about how smart and cultured she is and then she tells him how she got that way…”I’ve learned so much from MySpace. Everything I know I got from MySpace.”

What is wrong with people?

First of all, why are these woman falling all over Bret Michaels? He looks like a woman with bad plastic surgery. It’s the same retardedness that was displayed during “Flavor of Love”. These men are gross. Bret said on the show that he has two daughters. Um, would you want your daughters acting like this for a washed up has been wearing too much makeup. I don’t think so.

I said this last time this show was on and I’ll say it again. Maybe he needs to stop dating whores, strippers, and groupies. Maybe he should date a woman who actually knows stuff you can’t find on MySpace. Just a thought.

It’s a damn shame.

And yet, I will watch every episode of this show. And laugh.

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