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Today was a wasted day. I got up late and read Harry Potter all day. I did manage to get outside and work out this evening, but it was brutal. What made it worse was that I wasn’t feeling that great today. The weekend really took it’s toll on me, as I don’t eat that much junk food or drink at much usually. My stomach was a mess. Actually, it still is.

My sister went to the doctor tonight and she is indeed pregnant. So is her sister-in-law (her husband’s sister). Both are due in March. They both feel that this was a gift from their late father/father-in-law. It’s nice that something good is happening. Besides I love babies and the more the merrier.

To Tango…

I wore a white skirt with big red poppies on it. A black shirt. Black heels. My hair was down and in its natural wavy state. I wore very little makeup and red lipstick.

It was a small club in Philly. I had never been there before and probably would never have found it without Tim and Rich. It was very dark inside and there was a band playing. There were people dancing and I was extremely intimidated. I’m not even a novice. We got some drinks and found a table. After a few drinks, I got the courage to dance a slow dance with Tim. A guy in the band was playing an acoustic song on the guitar. I must say that I didn’t do that bad. I let Tim lead and we just did the basic steps we knew. It was nice. Let’s say that all three of us danced the night away, as the club played all types of Latin American music. My feet hurt, my obliques were sore, and I was extremely sweaty. Once I got into the groove of the music, I just let the rhythms move me and I didn’t think about anything but the music. It was awesome.

The weird thing about a dance like the Tango is that it’s like sex in that unless you’re really passionate about your partner, it’s kind of awkward. I had a great time dancing, but the dance is very sensual and at times it’s odd to be pressing yourself up against someone that you’re not attracted to and who you know isn’t attracted to you. And it doesn’t help that your partner’s boyfriend of 2 years is watching. The best thing about the night was watching the professional people dancing. I was in awe of them. It was like watching art.

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I’m watching My Fair Brady right now. Because it makes me happy that I’m not that fucking nuts. Because I can’t believe these people are getting married. Because I like watching disasters.

The saddest thing about this show (apart from me watching it) is that they aired last weeks show just now with a fucking countdown clock in the corner of the screen. So we could get all excited that it was time for their wedding. Yay!!! I clapped when it was time. Wankers.

And before I close this post, let me show you the face that will haunt my dreams for the next week or so. She was a fucking guest. This woman is absolutely hideous looking.

Other than watching completely obnoxious and awful TV tonight, my weekend has been a bust. Had a migraine for most of it and that’s about it.

UPDATE: I can’t watch it anymore. I’ve never seen two people so unfit for a relationship, let alone a marriage. He is emotionally controlling, attacking her constantly about stupid things to make her feel inferior and she lets him (because let’s face it, she’s not the brightest person alive).

I was switching from that horrendous TV show to one on TLC about Primordial Dwarfism. It was about a little girl named Kenadie and my heart has grown tenfold and I am a better person because of this angel’s smile. TLC is notorious for replaying their shows, so catch it if you can. You won’t be sorry.

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So, Endless requested that I post a picture of my ruffled panties and being the accomodating person I am I’ve decided to post pictures that will sum up the whole night of my ‘getting drunk alone’ night. Don’t worry, I did laundry today so you won’t be seeing pictures of dirty clothes.

If you have no idea what the hell is going on, check out the previous post.

Here’s the black tank top.

The ruffled panties. I originally bought them to go under my schoolgirl skirt for when I play detention, but I’ve yet to play detention (because nobody ever wants to play with me) so they are reserved for nights like last night.

Here are the shoes. 3 inch with pink boes in the front. They kind of match the panties. I like to wear these shoes when I’m….never mind. Aren’t they pretty.

And the empty wine bottle and brownies. I made those bitches from scratch. I don’t know how I didn’t burn the kitchen down.

And there you have it. Debbie’s drunk Saturday night in pictures.


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